Rewibe is a pioneering fitness app brand with a mission to revolutionize the fitness journey by fostering powerful, personalized connections between trainers and clients

Project Description

Rewibe, a new startup in the health and wellness sector, partnered with Everlance to develop a strong brand identity and a user-friendly website. Our mission was to distinguish Rewibe as a pioneer in offering exclusive discounts, professional health services, and a supportive community platform. Throughout the project, we collaborated closely with the Rewibe team to ensure the brand strategy and design aligned with their vision of making wellness accessible and engaging. We crafted a fresh visual identity and built an intuitive website optimized for user engagement and ease of access. Launched recently, Rewibe has already begun to capture attention in the market, showing promising increases in user registrations and community involvement, setting a solid foundation for their growth and positioning them as a notable player in the wellness industry.


4 weeks

team member

11 team member

problem & solution

Rewibe identified a gap in the health and wellness market for a dedicated platform that not only provides exclusive discounts but also fosters a sense of community among its users. Many consumers find wellness products and services unaffordable or difficult to access, and they often feel isolated in their health journeys. To address these challenges, our agency collaborated with Rewibe to create a brand and digital solution that prioritizes affordability, accessibility, and community engagement. We developed a clear and engaging brand identity that communicates the values of inclusivity and support. Our solution included a robust, user-friendly website designed to facilitate easy access to health services and discounts. The website also integrates social features that encourage interaction and support among users, thus fostering a community atmosphere. This strategic approach not only helps Rewibe stand out in a competitive market but also directly addresses the needs of their target audience, providing them with the tools and environment they need to engage with health and wellness in meaningful ways.

Everlance truly understood what we were trying to achieve with Rewibe and became more than just a service provider; they were our partners in every sense. Their commitment and expertise not only brought our vision to life but also enriched our journey. We’re thrilled with the outcome and deeply grateful for their guidance and support.

Simon Webb

Co-founder & Brand Director

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