Kayf Cosmetics

KAYF Cosmetics is a premium brand offering personalized skincare solutions throughout the MENA region. Renowned for its high-quality products, KAYF ensures tailored skincare for every individual.

Project Description

KAYF Cosmetics, a premium beauty brand renowned for its personalized skincare solutions, approached Everlance to enhance its packaging and branding to reflect the high quality of its products. The focus of the project is on developing a sophisticated and cohesive visual identity that resonates with discerning consumers who seek tailored skincare options. This involves designing elegant and functional packaging that showcases the uniqueness of each product while elevating the overall brand experience. Through this rebranding effort, KAYF Cosmetics reinforces its commitment to delivering exceptional, skin-type-specific cosmetics that cater to the individual needs of each customer, amplifying its presence in the global market.


3 weeks

team member

6 team member

problem & solution

Our solution for KAYF Cosmetics involves designing elegant, minimalist packaging that emphasizes the premium quality of their products. We use a refined color palette and high-quality materials to convey sophistication and cater to a discerning audience. For branding, we focus on creating a strong, recognizable logo and consistent visual themes across all materials, ensuring KAYF stands out in the competitive beauty market. This approach enhances the customer experience, making each purchase feel exclusive and directly tailored to their skincare needs.

Working with Everlance to revamp our packaging and branding was an absolute delight. They perfectly captured the essence of KAYF Cosmetics, bringing our vision of luxury and personalization to life. The new packaging is simply exquisite, and our customers often compliment how beautiful it looks. Everlance's approach has undoubtedly elevated our brand, making each product feel like a bespoke treasure. We are thrilled with the results and the positive feedback from our customers!

Insha Al Khaili

Founder At Kayf Cosmetics

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